Friday, July 31, 2009

Introducing Lisa Canning

Lisa Canning is a Toronto based interior stylist with a modern fresh take to interior design. Many many bloggers follow her blog where she features her own work, along with ideas, fabric and furniture. Lisa's approach is simple with interesting colours and a touch of glamour. I find it really inspiring to see how designers started their careers so I thought I would tell you how Lisa Canning Creative Consulting came about.

Lisa studied a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communications from Ryerson University. She told me that while she was working on magazines and fashion shows she realised her love of styling and prop styling. According to Lisa, close to graduation a 'very random thing happened' - a production company contacted her and told her she would be perfect for their new show 'Marriage Under Construction', a HGTV show. With no interior design training and a $30,000 budget, Lisa had to learn the trade very quickly! She now works as a residential designer and set design.

Here is a few shots from her portfolio (available from her blog)...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rental Decorating

I always wonder if anyone hires interior designers to decorate their rental apartments and homes. I think it would be a worthwhile investment if you planned to spend some time in the house, especially if you focus on 'removable' decor.

I am currently moving out of home into a rental home. We have some leeway as we know the owners and were allowed to paint. However, we are still left with some fairly average looking walls that need some quick fixes to brighten up the rooms.

Some ideas...
Removable wall decals
(From Jenny Mac Wall Art on Etsy)

Cheap Artwork (hung with rental-safe double sided tape of course)

Try a photograph collage

or paint a poem on a canvas
(Design by Catherine Ekstrom via Desire to Inspire)

Frame some of your favourite things...frame your favourite fabric...mirrors...cork tiles...wall hangings and carpets...frame some doilies...hang some baskets...or hats...or shoes...shelving with objects...frame old boardgames...paint something yourself...the list is endless!

Another option I am desperate to try out (especially after seeing the amazing wallpaper options during M6) is a removable wall fabric idea. Find the instructions by googling 'Fabric as wallpaper' or check out the Apartment Therapy instructions here.

(From Domino Magazine)

(From Little Green Notebook)