Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Creating a Database

I noticed a few posts on the Rhodec Bulletin Board discussing the options for making a database. I had the same issue when I started and was horrified at the thought of spending $300 on a program. I once worked at a medium-size business with 7 employees that used Access as their working database and it was very successful - particularly because as the business grew the database could be changed to suit their needs. So I've created my database (with quite a lot of swearing and frustration!) and I thought I would offer a few tips on how it was achieved to make it a little easier for someone else.

It was much too long to put up in a post and you can't see the screen shots properly but if you email me ( I'll send you the full word doc.

Please let me know if you have any trouble, I'm happy to answer questions. Here's a little pic of my database to help you get inspired:


  1. Hey!

    I am glad to find one of my peers here. I am Caroline, an ID student with Rhodec as well. :)

    Hope you had/have an inspirational day.

  2. hey anna i just realised that u are the 1 who helped me with the data base lol:) am sooooooooooo gearteful to u u made things easier thanx alot.

  3. Hi Anna
    Thanks for the great blog! I'm starting the course next month, and will be visiting here a lot, I'm sure. How is your study going?

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