Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've started research for M8 and M9 on textiles and fabrics. I have ordered 'Fabrics' by Marypaul Yates. I'll let you know if its worth the money!

Apart from that I've had some difficulty finding technical information on the web. The few sites I've found so far are:

'Textile Information' ( They recently did a post about the classification of fibres, including this quick reference. ( has some basic info.

Of course, Wikipedia also has some good basic articles:

Textiles -
Silk -
Linen -
Synthetic Fibres -
Wool -

'Natural Fibres' ( has information on a lot of the plant and animal fibres mohair, flax, jute, wool, silk, and ramie.

'Fibre2fashion' ( also has an article on plant & animal fibres

Please share if you know of any good websites or books. By clicking on comments at the bottom of the post you can leave messages and you don't have to be a member of Google.

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