Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some ideas for M7

I just realised that after all my talk about ideas for M7 I never showed you my finished product! I eventually decided to keep it simple in an off-white so the hall could update their look regularly. I found a lot of community halls I saw used strong colours like orange, maroon, blues and greens. This is fine while the colours are fashionable but date so quickly - a community hall doesn't have the money to update their paint colours every season!

Here is my moodboard which I created to inspire my final design.

And my final sampleboard:

I thought I'd also share some of Richard's comments for anyone else's benefit. He said to include the title to presentations like these in the lower right corner, since work is typically found to the left or top (I had my title on the back). He alo said to consider the wider community for supplies, sponsorship and sewing.
He also commented that he liked my use of varied and interesting types of paint. I chose to look at a metallic paint, milk paint, 'venetian glaze' and low VOC paint. Of course there are many interesting varnishes and stains as well - personally, I chose not to use one as I couldn't get an appropriate sample.

Some of the main paint suppliers in Australia include:

British Paints:
Designer Paint Company:
Porter's Original Paints:

Of course there are many small producers that make specialised products - do some careful research and you are sure to find some fantastic products you've never seen before.


  1. hi anna
    good job i am about to do M7 am clueless its confucing:( but i got a bit of N IDEA.THnx.

  2. Hi there, i just came across your blog! My name is Caroline, and I too am working on Rhodec. Have you already finished the course? :)