Tuesday, March 8, 2011

M9 - An excerpt...

I have finally got back into my Rhodec course properly after graduating from my business degree. I have finished a few assignments and have been getting good marks so I thought I'd put up an excerpt from my M9 assignment to give you guys some ideas...
Fabric C: Lustrell Basket Weave ‘Licorice’

Lustrell Basket Weave is an unusual fabric with a smooth shiny finish. The texture appears to be created through pressing a design into the fabric, as opposed to an actual weave. This fabric is produced by Warwick Fabrics, and is available in six colourways; Licorice (dark brown-black), Hazel (a mid-tone brown), Henna (red-brown), Pearl (cream), Rum (black) and Russett (red-black). It is 140cm wide with a weight of 881gsm. This textile’s dominant factor would be its artificial texture; as a plastic fabric it has no weave.

This textile is 82% PVC, 2% Pu and 16% Polyester, making it extremely heavy duty. Although it would be the perfect choice for heavy duty commercial upholstery, it’s not suitable for drapery due to its heavy handle. Lustrell Basket Weave has a Martindale result of 150,000 cycles, much higher than the other fabrics used here.
Despite its plastic feel, the fabric passes the Schildnecht test for flexing in both length and width. With a colourfastness test greater than seven, Lustrell Basket Weave could be used outside, although it should be protected from direct sunlight. Despite its suitability as a commercial textile, it should be used with care due to its high ignitability index of eighteen. Positively, it does have a low spread of flame index (at zero) and heat evolved index of three.

To keep this fabric in its best condition, it can be wiped down regularly with warm water and should never be cleaned with abrasives or detergent based cleaners. It should also be kept away from direct heat sources.

Lustrell Basket Weave would be perfect in a high use commercial area such as a restaurant or nightclub, due to its high durability and ease of cleaning spills.

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