Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Room Ideas for Wallpaper

(Ideas for rooms based on wallpaper - Assignment M6)

Wallpaper 1: Solitude White by Super Fresco Textures

Considering a cool colour palette to make the room soothing. I want to use colour, but neutral colours. The colours don't work very well when scanned but they are pale grey, two shades of dusty purple & black. Cream and some timber will add warmth to stop the room feeling cold. Still need to work out some black accents for a little drama.


A neutral toned rug over wooden floors (rug by Robyn Cosgrove rugs):


I would upholster two of these chairs with a soft grey (by Carina Sherlock).

Upholster the couch in this fabric (
Sofa by Orson & Blake

Side table by Bridgette Forestier
Cabinet by Baxter

A contemporary chandelier to add some sparkle (by Brand von Egmond)
Cushion fabrics
(From left: Ananya Snow fabric by Warwick, Blossom cushion from Rapee cushions & Metropolitan cushion from Rapee cushions)
Possible accent pieces & art


The colours come out strange for this piece of textile art. It's mostly shades of purple & grey with a few other colours thrown in. Artist: Sarah Symes.

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