Monday, February 16, 2009

Wallpaper Sampleboards

This is my sampleboard for the M6 wallpaper assignment. The wallpaper is a gorgeous red and gold paper by Julien MacDonald. Its the first sample board I've made so it took a while to work out how it should go. I wanted to make an intimate, exotic bedroom and this is how it turned out.

My second sampleboard is based around a Super Fresco Texture paper called Solitude White. I noted some ideas in the last post but this is the final board. You can't see this one too well but a lot of the items are shown in the last post.

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  1. hey anna
    wow u have almost done with the sample board. cool am gla du found me coz i was checking ur blog and am about to start M6 THIS WILL REALLY HELP ME THANX ALOT.i just start like end of feb. am from sri lanka. i just finished doing my D2.i hate drafting :( tomorw will be posying m5 and D2. how far have u finished??YOUR BLOG IS great:) really helpful. keep in touch