Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cane Furniture

I have always despised pretty much anything that included cane and chair in the same sentence, however my Mum recently purchased a rather beautiful contemporary cane armchair for the verandah. We also have an old cane lounge which looks much better rotting and covered in roses in the garden bed than it ever did inside.

Despite all this, M7 (Paint) discusses a community hall containing cane furniture. So I thought I'd find some pictures of what the furniture could look like before decorating:

The chairs I have most commonly seen around my area are the two directly above so I think I will assume my furniture is similar to one of these styles.

Now the inspiration:

I think the above is beautiful but not exactly suitable to modernise a community hall?

Painting everything white or black would give unity to mismatched sets and provide a fresh clean base for further decorating.

I like the black is a more modern alternative to painting the chairs white.

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